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OWNZ North & South Postal


The purpose of the Postal is to encourage Olympic weightlifting athletes to challenge themselves and connect with the weightlifting community both within their region and across the country. Lifts are completed in the comfort of your own gym, whenever you like between 3 and 11 July. Note that the Functional Strength CrossFit Lifting Competition postal is running at the same time, which is an event designed to promote Olympic weightlifting within CrossFit athletes. CrossFit athletes who also affiliate to OWNZ are eligible to enter in both events.

1. Athletes are NOT required to complete lifts in a competition singlet however clothing must be close fitting enough that the ability to determine if the lift is technically compliant is not impeded
2. Athletes are not required to declare a weightclass or total at time of entry
3. Club representation dictates which competition an athlete is a part of, for example an athlete based in the South Island but competing for a North Island club will be included within the North Island event.
4. Lifts are to be of an acceptable standard for an Olympic weightlifting competition in adherence with the IWF Technical and Competition Rules & Regulations, Section 2.5: Incorrect Movements, and Section 2.6: Incomplete Movements and Positions. CLICK HERE
5. No pulling straps are permitted
6. Where an athlete is unable to fully extend one or more elbows, they must demonstrate full extension in their video submission prior to taking the lift
7. Athletes can complete snatch and clean & jerk separately; they are not required to be completed on the same day, in any particular order, or within any maximum number of attempts or timeframe outside of the postal start and end dates
8. All submitted results require an accompanying video as evidence (see below guidelines)
9. Submitted totals will enable qualification for the Junior and Senior National Championships, however will not be formally recorded in national rankings or be eligible for records or qualification for international events


Athletes will be able to view rankings throughout the postal through the live leaderboard. All winners will be formally announced within a week of the postal ending.

Results Submission

All lifts are to be submitted between 6am July 3rd and 9pm July 11th, and submitted by 9pm July 11th.



For a full list of rules and regulations please see follow the link below.




A video must be submitted when entering a lift, for tips and a full guide on how to submit please see the submission guidelines.


Terms and conditions

• Late submissions will not be accepted
• Entries that do not meet social media requirements may not be included in daily giveaway draws
• Entry fees are non-refundable
• All athletes are subject to OWNZ policies including those related to Drug Free Sport